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You are currently looking to build your new home – but where to start?

Trawl through websites, visit open homes, talk to builders and designers and architects, look through Trademe and speak with friends about new homes – all of which is good. However, you'll see they all contradict each other, one says this is best and the other says that is what you need, this one says you need these features while that one says you need to spend your money something else. Then there are the price promises which seem too good to be true – and probably are! Your head is spinning from the choices and really now you just don’t know where to start.

Well, we say start here to build your home that works for you, with Blue Summit Construction.

Our collaborative process allows you to work directly with our build team and our architect to talk about the latest building trends and low energy, high performance, naturally comfortable homes.

NEO is our range of low energy use homes. NEO is the future of building.

Neatly combined with traditional architectural practice, we can create an innovative style of home that will work for you and your family. This range of homes comes with sleek, integrated solar panels designed to suit your home as just one of the many features. There is a lot of information around today about different types of energy efficient homes and you do need to seek good advice that is applicable to our own environment here in New Zealand. You will want a house that reflects the way you live as a New Zealander: opening the windows and doors, enjoying indoor-outdoor flow and windows to maximize a view and create connection with the external environment. NEO encompasses all these elements into a stylish design proposal you will love.

NEO is a natural passive solar range of homes, complete with sunny aspect, opening windows and natural ventilation. NEO works from the first principles of passive solar design, which include:

•             Solar orientation - site and sun and local climate

•             Window placement and design – including considering the view

•             Summer shading

•             Insulation and the thermal envelope – wrap up carefully

•             Plan zoning – warm room, cool room – morning sun, afternoon sun

•             Natural ventilation - heat rises, use the Venturi effect not air conditioning

•             Natural light - feels right

•             Thermal mass – utilizing this to balance thermal design and efficiency

When utilized together these principles create a home that looks and feels great while giving you the lowest power bill you've ever had and remaining affordable for you and your family.

The NEO range of energy efficient homes encompasses all these basic principles of natural passive solar design, while there are some completed designs for your inspiration we know, no one wants a ‘standard’ plan. We can design and build NEO to your requirements and are happy to do so, staying true to the first principles of passive solar design.

Let’s work together to create a beautiful home that works for you.

If you want to build a home for your future, build a NEO with Blue Summit.

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