Client wrap process

To give you clarity about what’s to come we’ve created our client wrap process. Where we wrap our expertise, knowledge and care around your vision to achieve your dream build.


It starts with a conversation

The initial step in our process is about getting to know each other – before any commitments are made. This will cost you nothing but the time it takes to have a coffee on us! 

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Creating the team

Now you’ve completed your research and you’re excited to journey with us. We’ve had multiple conversations. You understand and like our values and process, and we have a strong understanding of you and your goal too. To put it simply – we click!



Inform, Educate and Empower

Now you’ll be working with your designer to craft your home’s design. And as you can imagine, when it comes to design there is a lot to decide. We support the creation of a concept plan and then estimate the cost for the build, helping you match your budget to the design. We encourage positive realism in this phase of your build.



Dotting the ‘i’s’ and crossing the ‘t’s’

This stage of build can be perceived as the boring phase – we’re all chomping at the bit to get cracking on site. But we need to do first things first. The focus is on getting consent, finance and insurance, as well as signing contracts.



Getting it done

It’s an incredible moment when years of dreaming and designing (and the occasional passionate conversation with your loved one) turn into four walls and a roof. This is by far our favourite stage. Our team works hard to bring your build to life. When you build with us you’re a part of the build. We meet weekly or fortnightly to ensure your dream is coming to life the way you imagined.