Beckenham Rebuild

Scope Of Works – Rebuilding Our Home

This build is close to our hearts and has been our Beckenham home for the past 14 years. The Christchurch earthquakes damaged it beyond repair, giving us the unique opportunity to become our own clients and rebuild. We wanted to create a home that our family would continue to enjoy for years to come.

Challenges РNew Regulations Mid-Project 

It’s perhaps a little comforting to know that even a ‘builders build’ can face challenges. Being a corner section, privacy was top of mind in our design. Mid-project the council changed rules in the Beckenham area. This meant that our initial design no longer met the new regulations and we had to make last minute adjustments to our plans.

Solution – Back to Our Values

One of our core values is being willing to learn – always. Working closely with the team at Chris Brown Design, our design was updated quickly so that the roof line and windows met the new heritage overlay in Beckenham. Even though we had strong relationships and knew the building regulations well, we still felt the stress of having to make these changes. This process educated us on how we can better empower and support our clients through the challenges of a build.

Outcome – Value Gained

Overcoming challenges with collaboration, positivity and real determination resulted in an incredible home. Not only did we make many more memories here, but also achieved a stellar sale price when we sold.
There have been so many incredible outcomes from this build, but the one we value most is the knowledge gained. By becoming our own clients we got to experience the build from your perspective. We were able to fine tune our client experience, leaving us (and our all future clients) with even brighter smiles.

By building our own home we got to see the Blue Summit experience from the perspective of our clients. So much insight was gained, allowing us to create an even better client wrap around service.

Miranda Knapton

Build Budget Range

$750,000 – $800,000