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Building a new home is so much more than erecting four walls and a roof – it’s about the journey of design, and the passion and support of the home construction company and the thrill of watching your dreams rise before you.   Be it a new design and build or the construction of your own architectural plans, our master builders will deliver you a home worth smiling about.

Be it a new Canterbury home, an extension and renovation or the construction of architectural plans, our master builders will deliver you a home worth smiling about. Blue Summit is more than just your average new home builder, we focus on your experience to help create the home you need: be it a new home, extension/renovation or an architectural masterpiece.


Blue Summit is a Christchurch building company, with a portfolio of experience spanning from new family homes to multi-million dollar remodels.  We work right across Canterbury taking on a wide variety of projects.


  • Making the process simple
  • Finishing on time
  • Sticking to the fix price build budget
  • Keeping you up-to-date every step of the way
  • Helping you add in the those extra special features that will set your home apart


In everything we do, we are committed to Simplicity, Quality, Affordability and Consistency

Our Promise

Simple Process

We promise that building a new home with us will not be daunting. We make suggestions, guide you every step of the way, address issues directly and simplify everything!

Supportive Team

We promise you a supportive team. We won’t pass you around the team – one person will take you under their wing from start to finish. When it's time to pass you to one of our experienced construction managers, your initial contact will stick with you the entire way and guide you through the entire process.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

We promise to deliver efficiency and effectiveness. We’re a lean and effective team lead by the business owners. We don’t have a fleet of flashy vehicles, a hoard of office workers or any sales minions – we promise you an experienced team, committed to delivering your project on time, to budget and exceeding your expectations.


We promise you will smile! From start to finish and for years to come.

Latest News

To build a home for a family relocating from Auckland for 3-5 years. They wanted a well appointed home with space to fit their teenage children and have visiting guests stay.

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The answers to your big questions when Thinking of Building

From setting a budget to booking the movers, the build process can feel a little overwhelming. Blue Summit have some of the BIG questions covered for you in this handy little resource.

How can we help you?

We limit the number of projects we have on the go at any one time, meaning you get the best possible service, attention to every detail and a build that is on budget and finished on time... every time.

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