Shotfire Lane - From Liquidation to Amazing Home


Scope of Works – It Started as Every Home Owners Nightmare 

Following two and a half years of due diligence and more than enough credit checks, the Hoopers were recommended to us after their initial builders went into liquidation. The foundations, framing and interior linings were already up. They were committed to finishing their Halswell build. With a mountain of paperwork made up of insurance claims, the ‘how’ wasn’t going to be easy. They needed our help to transform their build from nightmare back into the home they had dreamt of.

Challenges – Insurance Claims and Picking Up Someone Else’s Work

The 10 Year Guarantee Insurance, while a lifesaver – was not an easy process to navigate. The Hoopers made a number of deposits outside of the contract, complicating the insurance claims further. Due to the handover in building firms, significant work also had to be done with the council. We checked everything, worked hard, and supported the Hoopers through insurance claims, honing in on our collaboration skills and positivity. It took several months, the whole team, and many spreadsheets to get things moving.
This build is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The Hoopers took every knock on the chin always positive and persistent. While this was a worst case scenario build, it has been an amazing experience to work so closely with such positive clients and support them throughout this process. 

Outcome – Stunning Halswell Home – Relieved Clients 

A seven year wait, many council changes and a liquidated builder later, the Hoopers finally have their dream home! With design by AQA Alessandro Quadrelli Architetto and Next Dore interiors, this home features light bright living, with subtle timber accents throughout. Beautifully finished, with statement steel stairs and an elegant kitchen, this home was well worth the wait. And the biggest work of art – other than the house itself – is the incredible timber wall piece crafted by Arbormaster.
Journeying with the Hoopers on this build has been incredible. We couldn’t have asked for better clients or a better ‘thankyou’ than the smiles on their faces when they finally moved into their gorgeous new home.

You guys are so good at communication. You respond to emails and texts like no one we've dealt with before.


Budget Range

… It’s complicated. If you want to understand more about how you could create a home similar to the Hoopers feel free to get in touch.


Architect – AQA Alessandro Quadrelli Architetto
Interior – Next Dore
Timber Art – Arbormaster
Kitchen – NCdesign
Photographer – Kate Claridge Photography