• Step one

    It starts with a conversation

  • Step two

    It starts with a conversation

  • Step three

  • Step four

  • Step five

It starts with a conversation

The initial step in our process is about getting to know each other – before any commitments are made. This will cost you nothing but the time it takes to have a coffee on us!

Building is a long term relationship and your build is about more than just timber and concrete. It’s about you. Not every builder is for every person, but there is a builder for everyone. If you don’t like the cut of our gib (pun intended), we’ll happily refer you to someone who might be right for you.

We measure success by the size of the smiles we create. Whether this be at the end of the build, or by the advice given at the start. We’re here to help determine the best solution for you.

 “It was a case of having Blue Summit there from the get go.”
– P. Whalan, Client