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    Getting it done

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    Getting it done

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Getting it done

It’s an incredible moment when years of dreaming and designing (and the occasional passionate conversation with your loved one) turn into four walls and a roof. This is by far our favourite stage. Our team works hard to bring your build to life. When you build with us you’re a part of the build. We meet weekly or fortnightly to ensure your dream is coming to life the way you imagined

When you build with us you’re a part of the team. We meet regularly, on site, giving you personal knowledge about the creation of your home. When we hand over the keys we celebrate the setting of your family’s future memories, with a pizza, beer and a cup of tea.

We leave our clients with the best impression. Checking in after the first 60 days and then again before your first year anniversary – completing maintenance, solidifying friendships and marking this incredible achievement!

“What really stood out to me and was refreshingly uncommon was that they really made an effort to make people feel heard, seen and part of the process.”
– P. Martin, Client