Structural Insulated Panels

How and why to use Structural Insulated Panels

More and more design professionals, builders and authorities are using SIPs to achieve Passive House standards.

Nick Hubbard – General Manager, Formance


Building a new home is so much more than erecting four walls and a roof – it’s about the journey of design, the passion and support of your builder, and the thrill of watching your dreams rise before you.

Your home is a reflection of you, your style and values. We’ve had clients choose SIPs instead of traditional framing for a number of reasons; it’s warm, durable, and has long term affordability. We see Formance as continuing the building evolution.

We want to support you to create a home you are passionate about. Traditional framing or SIPs – We’re passionate about your vision.

Benefits of building with SIPs

  • Energy Efficiency - save on your energy bills
  • Air-tightness - close to zero air leakage
  • Superior Insulation - available in a range of high R-values which exceed New Zealand Building Code performance standards
  • Strength & Durability - providing much greater bracing capacity than standard timber framing
  • Faster Installation - erected in hours, not days
  • Seismic Resistance - able to flex during earthquakes reduces impact and potential damage
  • Sustainability - less construction waste and fully recyclable


Formance Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a high performance building material. Commonly used in passive and energy efficient homes. They provide superior insulation and durability. Performing in both hot and cold climatic zones, like Christchurch, SIPs are a superior alternative to traditional framing.

Educate yourself on your building options and download the free SIPs guide today.

Downloadable SIPs Guide