Your building questions answered

Building homes, creating smiles. Our team of Christchurch master builders strive to achieve this every day - the simple way.

It's easy to throw around the terms "on time and to budget," but for us, it's simply how we do things. And, we communicate with you every step of the building process, so you know exactly where we your home build is at.

Better still, we work with you at the beginning to ensure you understand every step of your fixed price build.

We believe simple is always better - so here we begin to answer some of the most common questions you will have of your Christchurch home build in simple to understand terms.

Building your new home is all about you, so it's important to us that you understand how everything comes together. Check out the 6 Steps of the Blue Summit Building Process to help you understand how we go about making turning your dreams into reality.

Dare to dream - Getting your home build started...

We want to build a house or add an extension onto OUR existing home - where do we start?

All you really need to know at this point is that you want to start. Visit us and we will clearly lay out the build plan and work with you every step of the way.

Bring to the table your ideas, your wish list, your Pinterest boards, magazine cutouts and we will work with to incorporate as many of your desires into a dream home to suit your budget and lifestyle.

We already have architectural house plans - can you build?

Absolutely. Bring your architectural or design plans to our first meeting and we will talk you through the process of getting them accurately priced and then turning them into reality.

We are also happy to add a builders perspective to your plans - this can help with design, functionality and budgetry requirements during construction

Do you do design and build?

Yes - the Blue Summit team includes a wider family of talented and experienced contractors who we call upon as required. Among them architects and designers who will deliver you custom house plans to meet your needs and budget.

Do you have a show home we can visit?

Yes! We currently have an office and show home at 15 Hinterland Drive, The Woods, Prebbleton that we are keen to show off to you. Come and see what we can create for your dream home. 

How much will my new home cost to build?

We work with clients across all budget levels and will work with you to build a home that suits your budget and your lifestyle.

When we do the pricing, it includes everything; our fixed price build truly means there are no hidden surprises. Be it a modest townhouse or an expansive family mansion, we will only you the home that is totally within your budget, leaving some money in the bank for those few special treats when you move in!

Let the building begin - more detail about building your new home

Design and build - what is the process of getting plans drawn up?

If we are working with you the design of your new home, you will sign and pay a Deposit Contract including a small non-refundable deposit. This covers all meetings, architectural fees, cost estimates and two rounds of minor changes. This will enable us to complete concept plans.

From here the choice is yours - continue with us and get your new home built, but if you choose to go elsewhere - these plans are yours to keep.

Will I be signing a fixed price contract?

Yes - all our new home build contracts are fixed priced builds - we use the standard NZCB* fixed price contract, which breaks the price down into fixed payment amounts for each major stage of the build. So when you pay the invoice for a roof on your home, you will have a roof in place!

And fixed price means no surprises; you pay the amount we agree to at the beginning. Nothing more!

* NZCB -  New Zealand Certified Builders

When can you start building my new home?

As soon as the council issues all consents. We manage this entire process - again making it as simple as possible. When the consent is issued, we set a schedule and give you a provisional 'move in' date.

Then our team of certified builders get on with it, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Who will manage my new home build?

At Blue Summit, every build is managed by an experienced and qualified builder who knows the home building process intimately. This person will stick with you through the entire build, managing every detail, every trade and dealing with any issues that arise. AND you will also have the continued assistance of the team member who has been with you since the very beginning. We believe in open communication, honesty and integrity and we will ensure you up to date on progress of your new home build.

What else do we need to do at this stage of the build?

The fun stuff. This is where your smile gets even bigger, as you select the finishes that will take your home from ordinary into your unique family home.

We have comprehensive help lists, an awesome collection of suppliers and our continued assistance to help you select flooring, colours, taps, bathroom fittings, kitchens, joinery...and all those great bits you get to touch and see every day in your home.

Smile - you're home

At what point can I move into my new home?

When the build is complete, the insurance has been confirmed, you have paid and the council has issued a Code of Compliance or Practical Completion has been achieved.

What if I discover small imperfections after I move in?

Your concrete slab home is a moving entity. For the first 5 - 6 months after it's poured, it continues to settle.. A chunk of this happens during the build process, but after you move in you might notice some movement in your gib and other small things that need remediated - this is totally normal.
Sixty days after you move in, we come back and check what needs to be done. Additionally, for 12 months after your move in date we will happily fix any defects.


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