Discover the Benefits of building with SIPS including:

  • Energy Efficiency - save on your energy bills
  • Air-tightness - close to zero air leakage
  • Superior Insulation - available in a range of high R-values which exceed New Zealand Building Code performance standards
  • Strength & Durability - providing much greater bracing capacity than standard timber framing
  • Faster Installation - erected in hours not days
  • Seismic Resistance - able to flex during earthquakes reduces impact and potential damage
  • Sustainability - less construction waste and fully recyclable

About Formance

Formance Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a high performance building material for the ultimate home. They provide high insulation, high strength and a low eco footprint. The right material choice for ongoing high performance in hot and cold climatic zones anywhere in New Zealand. 
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More and more design professionals, builders and authorities are using SIPs to achieve Passive House standards - standards we believe all New Zealanders deserve.

Nick Hubbard – General Manager, Formance

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SIPs Free Guide

How and Why to Build with SIPs

(Structural Insulated Panels)

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Building a new home is so much more than erecting four walls and a roof – it’s about the journey of design, and the passion and support of the home construction company and the thrill of watching your dreams rise before you.

Be it a new design and build or the construction of your own architectural plans, our master builders will deliver you a home worth smiling about. Our passion for energy efficient homes comes from our own upbringing of solar panels on the roof and rain water tanks in the yard, we see our Formance partnership as continuing the building evolution, just as the tank and panels were all those years ago.