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House Extensions And Home Renovations

Building homes, creating smiles. Blue Summit Construction’s team of master builders in Christchurch strive to achieve this every day, the simple way.

It's easy to throw around the terms ‘on time and to budget’, but for us, it's simply how we do things. Blue Summit also communicates with you throughout every step of the house extension and renovation process, so you know exactly how your project is progressing and feel involved.

It’s important to us that you understand how everything comes together, so you can also check out Blue Summit’s Extensions and Renovations Process page to understand how we’ll help you turn your house into the perfect home.

About Blue Summit

What Extension And Renovation Work Do You Do?

Significant house extensions; adding 40-100+ sqm onto a house to change the look and feel of the home. This can also involve extensive home renovations - e.g. kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations. It makes sense to undertake renovations whilst Blue Summit’s experienced building team is available and working on your home.

Do You Work Throughout Christchurch And Canterbury?

Blue Summit Construction’s team of Certified Builders, contractors and home renovation specialists are based in Christchurch and we work throughout Christchurch and the Selwyn District.

Are You Registered/Qualified?

Yes - Blue Summit Construction is an approved member of the NZ Certified Builders Association. Our team also has Licensed Building Practitioners and all our carpenters are Certified Builders. The entire Blue Summit team is also Site Safe Accredited. Learn more >

Cost & Deposit

How Much Will The Extension / Renovation Cost?

This is difficult to answer, as different work in different parts of the house will cost varying amounts. E.g. If you are simply adding a new wall to create a new bedroom, the cost is lower than adding a new bathroom. To change the external perimeter of your home, you will need to involve an architect and engineer, which will add costs. If you only need internal modifications but want to update your kitchen, bathroom and ensuite, they are the three most expensive areas of your home to change - your costs will be more significant.

Once the concept plans are completed and approved by you, Blue Summit Construction can provide an accurate price estimate. Learn more >

Do We Need To Pay A Deposit?

Reputable builders only ask for approximately 5% of the contract or a maximum of $20,000 - never full payment in advance. Blue Summit Construction only asks for this deposit after you have signed the fixed price contract; we only charge you once you have committed to the build project. This way, you’re investing your money in something you can actually touch and see.

All invoices Blue Summit present to you will mirror what has been agreed on, at the time you signed the fixed price contract. For example, on a ‘Kitchen and Interior Painting’ invoice, you would see the kitchen has been installed and the interior painting completed.

All the necessary inspections will be carried out and certificates issued, prior to final payment being requested.

Blue Summit follows a set of guidelines we have developed as best practice, which also ensures your needs are met and you’re fully informed and educated throughout. We’re also careful to check all external factors along the way, to avoid surprises and additional fees.

Peace Of Mind

Does Blue Summit Provide A Guarantee?

Yes - as a Certified Builder, Blue Summit Construction’s work is fully guaranteed with the Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee – underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Halo is the most comprehensive 10 year residential building guarantee on the market: 

  • Loss of deposit
  • Extra costs to complete the dwelling
  • Structural defects for 10 years including weather tightness
  • Non-structural defects for 10 years
  • Alternative accommodation requirements

This unique, independent building cover is only available if you build or renovate with a New Zealand Certified Builders approved builder. Plus, if you sell your house within 10 years, the guarantee automatically passes over to the new owner.

NB: To be covered, Documentation must be completed with Blue Summit Construction and submitted to the insurer. Confirmation of cover being in place, is receiving your Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee Policy Schedule.

Will We Need Extra Insurance Cover?

Yes, definitely. We cannot emphasise enough how important insurance is, and we will need to have a copy of the insurance certificate before we commence any work on your home. Blue Summit Construction can help you source building insurance if you are unable to.

To safeguard your investment, we always recommend having building insurance being in place from day one of the extension and/renovation, to ensure your project reaches completion no matter what may happen.

The Process

How Do We Start?

You start with the builder. Blue Summit Construction feels the first step is to talk to a reputable builder about what you want to do, what will work within  your budget and who else you may need - e.g. draughtsperson, designer, architect, engineer.

Building is a team effort - one trade or profession can’t do it all themselves. Forming the team early benefits you - you’ll pay less in re-design, re-consent and other work which will eat into your budget. Learn more >

What Is The Process?

The starting point for a significant home extension or renovation can be very different. There are also variables such as land conditions, character overlays, heritage areas, covenants, the new Christchurch City Plan and many other factors which can influence the project if you are planning to make major changes within an established area. Learn more >

Do We Need An Architect To Draw Up Plans?

This depends on the scope of your extension and/or renovation project. Most significant house extensions require an architect. Blue Summit has architects we’ve worked with, that we can introduce you to once we’ve met you to learn about your ideas and budget. Learn more >

Will We Need A Building Consent?

You may do - it depends on the scope of the project. If you’re adding a wet area such as a bathroom or kitchen to your house, you definitely will. However if you’re making simple changes, e.g. adding a partial wall, you may not require a building consent. Once we know the scope of your home extension or renovation, Blue Summit Construction will advise whether any consents are needed.

Can We Live In The House While The Work Is Done?

If it’s possible for you to remain in your home Blue Summit Construction will try to accommodate this request, however first and foremost, this will depend on Health and Safety requirements.

Who Will Manage The Extension/Renovations?

One of Blue Summit’s experienced and qualified builders will project manage every detail, every trade. You will also have the assistance of a team member from the very beginning.

How Long Will The Extension / Renovations Take?

To answer this accurately we’ll need your plans to schedule from. Then with every project, right at the beginning Blue Summit provides an estimation of the length of time it will take to complete - including any significant milestones (e.g. move out, move back in dates).

We’ll then continue to review these dates as the project progresses, to allow for external factors. E.g. If the house is due to be painted and plastered in winter, we may need to allow additional drying time. However any changes will be consistently communicated to you throughout the project.

Can Blue Summit Help With Choosing Fittings, Carpet, Paint Etc.?

Choosing the finishing touches can be a very enjoyable part of the process for you and yes, we can help. We will also put you in touch with our suppliers, who have huge industry knowledge and will be able to source what you’re looking for.


How can we help you?

We limit the number of projects we have on the go at any one time, meaning you get the best possible service, attention to every detail and a build that is on budget and finished on time... every time.

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