Spectacular Renovation For Growing Family

Scope of Works – Thinking Big 

Scott and Clare came to us because they wanted to renovate their home to accommodate the needs of their growing boys. They wanted more space and but didn’t know exactly what to change or where to start. They were clear they wanted to have rooms and play space for their two boys as well as room for visiting family. And they wanted it to look amazing! 

Challenges – Flood Plain Restrictions

The Council updated its flood plain requirements during the planning stage of the renovation. This meant we had to quickly get across the new requirements and adapt the plans while keeping the integrity of the design intact. We focused on our collaboration skills and worked closely with Scott and Claire and the interior designer Anna from Anna Margaret Interiors to form and craft the final product.

Outcome – An Amazing Home!

Just check out the pictures! Scott and Claire’s beautifully designed 200+ sqm extension has 4 bedrooms and glorious open plan lounge, dining and kitchen areas. No two rooms the same. There are 3m ceilings in some rooms and interesting angles as you transition from space to space. We also found a way to keep the original front foundation so as not to trigger the flood plain requirements – a win for all involved! This is a stunning home, Scott and Clare are delighted and their boys haven’t stopped smiling.

We constantly changed our mind or thought of different ideas along the way and Blue Summit has just jumped onboard and just gone with us and really supported us along the way. It’s been amazing!


Budget Range

$600,00 – $750,000


Anna Margaret Interiors