1950's Home Extension


Scope of Works – More space but keep the charm 

Our clients needed more space in their 1950’s bungalow styled home. They wanted to entertain without putting their guests into the back yard. The integrity of the house had to be maintained throughout the extension, but the bungalow features could be played with a little in the new space.

Challenges – 1950’s Charm

Our clients decided to remain living in the house while the work was being completed. While this is often worth it financially, it is also always a challenge. Good communication becomes ten times more important – so that our clients can continue to live with minimal interruptions. And with one of the occupants a night-shift worker, keeping the extension on schedule was a must. 
There is always an unknown element when extending a 1950’s home. You never know what you might find that could add extra cost or time to a project. We were thorough prior to signing the contract and during the design phase so we knew as much about the home as possible. This meant that any ‘surprises’ we received were ones we had expected with a character home.

Outcome – Breathtaking Results

This 1950’s home extension is one of our most dramatic before and afters to date. Stunning interiors and bright open living make it almost unrecognisable. Seeing the clients in their completed space was just a thrill! They’d lived in the house for over 6 years and understood what they needed plus some of the features they wanted to include.
We collaborated with the architectural designer early in the design process, ensuring that the designed extension was buildable and within the clients budget. We communicated well with our clients and finished the build on schedule, resulting in a truely stunning and more spacious 1950’s home. 

They were always very open and discussed everything they were doing. If there were problems, they were ones we could discuss, we could sort out and solutions were found. I had every confidence in Michael and Miranda and everyone who worked with them.

K. Beadle