1950s Charm Part 2

Scope of Works – 1950s Bungalow Second Story Renovation

When Blue Summit was first brought into this property they were tasked with renovating and extending the kitchen, living, and dining spaces while keeping the home’s original 1950s charm.
The client loved the initial renovation so much that they decided to return for another round of improvements! The goal of this second renovation was to establish a more cohesive aesthetic for the existing second story of the house while also brightening the space and enhancing the view with strategically placed windows.

Challenges – Gib Supply, Weather, & Inspection Delays 

The renovation project faced a number of challenges. One difficulty was keeping the house weatherproof while the roof was being worked on. Additionally, there were shortages in the supply of Gib and changing inspection timelines meaning longer lead times and only two inspections could be booked at a time.

These challenges had a ripple effect on other jobs, which made it more difficult to keep the work progressing as scheduled. To keep things on track Michael rolled up his sleeves and pitch in to help the lads.

Outcome – A Seamless Second Story

Complete, the second story blends seamlessly into the rest of the house. The renovated space is a stunning, well-lit, and spacious area that offers views over the client’s beautiful garden.

"They were always very open and discussed everything, if the were problems they were ones we could discuss and sort out."

K. Beadle

Build Budget Range:

 $80,000 – $100,000