Regional winners of 2021 Registered Master Builders Association GOLD award in the New Home $600,000 – $750,000 category & the Lifestyle Award for Outdoor Living Excellence

To us these awards represent collaboration. Ironically, it is no small feat to build on a 7.5 metre wide section and include a pool, spa and sauna. We have loved working with our clients who inspired and envisioned this incredible build and ADQ Architecture who designed it. We feel so privileged to be the team who brought it to life.

This experience has been amazing, but the best part of the win… Telling our clients that they now live in a MULTI-AWARD WINNING HOME!

It was a case of having Blue Summit there from the get-go.

P. Whalan, Derby Street


Pete and Chris came to us because they wanted to build something unique – nothing you would see anywhere else. Their site is a narrow block in a cool inner-city suburb in Christchurch – and Pete and Chris had some big plans! Not only did they want to create an architecturally designed home, they also wanted to fit a pool, spa and sauna into their 7.5 metre wide site! The idea was to create a home and a partitioned property that could also be an Airbnb.


Space was a big issue during construction. Space for storage, for people working on-site, and for timing of work. A second challenge was the close proximity of the neighbours on all sides.


Working on a project like this is when you realise that good construction is so much more than skilled building. One of our core values is communication and this is what we drew on to get the job done. The project’s success came down to the soft skills – good open and consistent communication with Pete and Chris, the Architectural Designer (Kent Roper from ADQ), our stubbies, and the neighbours. This is how we kept up consistent access to the site, a check on timelines, and progressed the job to plan.


So impressive is this home that it was featured in MindFood. This is a spectacular 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with pool, spa and sauna – plus Airbnb potential. We finished the job on time and to budget (and with the neighbours happy!). Our biggest achievement – the smile on the faces of Pete and Chris when they got their keys!