Where Do I Start My Build Project?

Where to start?

When you’ve decided you want to build a house, extend your existing one or create your dream home it’s often difficult to know where to start, especially when you talk to a builder, advisor or architect about the process. They often start using terms you don’t understand and don’t think to explain to you. At Blue Summit Construction we are all about educating and empowering our clients to break down the jargon, the builder talk and all the other white noise to let you know what things mean, what order they come in and how you can best navigate creating your beautiful new home.

The common rhetoric is if you want to build a new home or extend your home, your first point of call should be an architect. We don’t exactly agree with that, as you wouldn’t go to a coal miner to buy a diamond so why start a build project with an architect? There are defined steps in the pre-build process before you get to the architect, and you don’t often hear that in the industry. We are bucking the trend to ensure that you, the person dreaming of a new home, are getting things in the right order to ensure the success of your project.

The first step is doing your homework, research and educate yourself on areas like; what it is you want to live in, where you want to live, how your family functions (indoor living, outdoor entertaining, sporty, musically focused) and any special features you would like to see in the finished product (clerestory windows, scullery or a sauna). You would be investigating things like solar power, SIP’s, thermal performance, heating sources, glazing options, insulation, foundation options, cladding and aspect. 

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