Rolleston Home Build for Young Family

Scope of Works

The clients hadn’t ever owned their own home and were keen to create something quite beautiful that would work for them as a family and also for their love of entertaining. Building a first home for a young family, they wanted space inside and a sunny entertaining area outside.


An early challenge was setting expectations with clients around budget and design. Their mood board and wish list was long but it was great to focus it and be able to move forward with the design. The budget was set and they were keen to keep within it for their first home. 


This was a very straightforward build due to the great ground conditions in Rolleston and the clients appreciated continual progress of their build. The clients loved being involved with the interior design and selections, this was welcomed by our suppliers who got to show off their talents and wares. These clients also epitomised Blue Summit’s tagline: Building Homes, Creating Smiles. She had some serious medical issues develop part way through the build but at handover day still had the most amazing smile on her face! She is a trooper and loves having her new home to settle into.

Budget Range

$450,000 - $550,000


The clients never gave a specific testimonial to Blue Summit Construction, however they did refer several clients our way. One of which was her own parents – another successful job completed by Blue Summit Construction.