Lincoln – Modern Country Home

Scope of Works

To build a home for a family relocating from Auckland for 3-5 years. They wanted a well appointed home with space to fit their teenage children and have visiting guests stay. They were used to a new house with plenty of space and amenities within the home and wanted to replicate that when moving to Canterbury. 


They lived in Auckland until they moved into the house so everything was done over the phone, with the exception of a few face to face meetings in Lincoln to sign documents and make selections for their home. Another challenge was ensuring the build was complete within their timeframe, they were moving down prior to Christmas and the house had to be complete and fully functional for this to happen. We made it with a whole 10 days to spare!


Their passion for the build! She had a ‘My First Home’ folder with all her selections and would be buzzing after making all her choices. Also creating a classic white-on-white home in the country was quite lovely. The change in the way we needed to communicate given the clients could not meet on site with as much regularity, we would send them pictures of progress on the house every Friday by email or text message. They loved it, and he would be bragging to his mates at work about his new house every Friday!

Budget Range

$590,000 - $700,000

We were very fortunate to have Blue Summit Construction build our home as the on and off site support and guidance was outstanding while we were going through this process. Without a doubt, the Blue Summit Construction team made the building process of our new home a very enjoyable experience and we have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone thinking of undertaking a building project. We wish to thank the Blue Summit Construction team very much for your professional assistance and the attention to detail that you and your building team have brought over the term of the project.