Bungalow Extension

Scope of Works

Our clients wanted more ‘space’ in the 1950’s style bungalow that comprised of individual rooms rather than large, multi-functional areas. They wanted to be able to entertain without having to put their guests into their back yard.
The integrity of the house had to be maintained but the bungalow features could be played with a little in the new space.


Working in the clients home while they remain living there is always a challenge, communication becomes integral so they can get on with their lives with minimal interruptions. One of their adult children worked night-shift too so ensuring we kept to our schedule so he could get sleep when he needed.

There is always the unknown element when working in an old house, you never know what you might find that could add extra cost or time to a project. We were thorough prior to signing the contract and during the design phase so we knew as much about the home as possible, so the surprises we received were ones we expected with a house of this age.


Seeing the clients in their completed space was just a thrill! They’d lived in the house for over 6 years and understood what they needed plus some of the features they wanted to include.
Working in a collaborative way with the architectural designer, we had conversations with them at early stages in the design process to ensure what they were designing was buildable and within the
clients budget.


$180,000 - $280,000


Working with Blue Summit, the important thing was they were always very open and discussed
everything they were doing. If there were problems, they were ones we could discuss, we could sort
out and solutions were found. I had every confidence in Michael and Miranda and everyone who
worked with them.
K. Beadle