Blue Summit Extensions and Renovations

Blue Summit Construction will educate, empower and support you every step of the way, to ensure you love what we’re creating and feel involved. We take pride in making every extension and renovation simple, economical and enjoyable… We want it to be a process that makes you smile! 

These six simple steps will help you understand the process:

1 Dare to Dream

dare to dream

Is there enough space in your home? Is the sunshine in all the wrong places? Do you have impractical or outdated decor? There are many reasons why homes benefit from having an extension added and/or being renovated. If you’re frustrated by your home’s current limitations, take the next step so your house can become your perfect home! Start formulating your ideas and wish lists… Dream big. Then share your ideas with Blue Summit. 

2 Contact Blue Summit

contact blue summit

Most people meet with an architect, draughtsperson or designer first, however we strongly advise that you start the process by talking to a builder about what you have in mind. Contact Blue Summit Construction to arrange your complimentary, no-obligation meeting with us. If you already have plans drawn up, bring them along so we can discuss them, then price them. We can also provide you with contact details for any other industry professionals you will need along the way.

3 Making it Real: Concept Plans

making it real

If you don’t have concept plans or working drawings, and you’re not sure which architect, draughtsperson or designer to choose, Blue Summit can provide you with a list of trusted contacts who we know from experience, will also have your needs as their priority. We know from experience that they have the same focus as we do: an excellent client experience: you’ll be in safe hands.

4 Price Estimate

price estimate

How much will it cost? Once the concept plans are completed and approved by you, Blue Summit Construction can provide an accurate price estimate. Note: If changes need to be made to allow for your budget, it’s best to make changes at this stage of the process. When you approve the price estimate, your architect, draughtsperson or designer will complete the working drawings. 

5 Working Drawings and Choices

working drawings and choices

When your working drawings are approved, Blue Summit will start to price them while your architect, draughtsperson or designer prepares the plans for consent consideration. Blue Summit will work with you on the decisions you need to make around finishing touches, and items such as carpet, paint, taps, door handles… This is where the fun really starts! We’ll help you with this, and by making careful choices, you might be amazed at what can be achieved within your budget.

6 Work Begins

extension demolition

Once the working drawings are consented, we start working on your home, while you relax and enjoy watching the plans come to life! To provide the best possible service, Blue Summit Construction limits the number of projects we work on, and the same team will work on your home throughout the entire project - this consistency is very important. We stay in close communication so you know what’s happening and feel involved. We will complete your home on time and on budget - ensuring that Blue Summit really is Building Homes, Creating Smiles.

Now that you have a better understanding of our process - get in touch with Blue Summit to see how we can help you.



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